Innovations Remote

Innovations Remote is a solution that ensures the timely exchange of patient Rx, lens and accurate frame trace data between satellite locations and a central laboratory. Compatible with all standard tracers, it offers all segments within the ophthalmic lens dispensing chain - ODs, retail outlets and wholesale laboratories - a reliable way to build efficiency, speed and quality into the Rx delivery process. Each remote location must be equipped with Innovations Remote; the lab must be equipped with Innovations Edge, Basic or Standard.

Innovations Remote Features

  • Windows® controls and graphics make it easy to navigate through the program, reducing training time and boosting productivity.
  • Remote locations can opt to activate the modem on a per job basis, or stack jobs in a queue and transmit them all at the same time.
  • Orders can now be transferred using email.
  • Rapid, intelligent order entry allows the operator to enter prescriptions exactly as written. When prescription data is entered, smart lists display only relevant choices and correct mistakes immediately. This reduces opportunity for input errors.